Fresh Step Coupon October 2013 – Best Kitty Deals!

Back in the good old days of suburban living, cats just did their own thing in their master’s backyard.

There were lots of soil and grass to go around, and Kitty was happy. But Kitty’s master moved to a high rise apartment in the big city and soon Kitty found herself having to do poopoo on the ledge.

Now kitty litters abound in homes, apartments and building to keep cats safe while doing nature’s bidding.

Then came along Fresh Step Coupon codes to so that cat owners can save money on cat litter.

Mimi finds her litter fine and dandy with Fresh Step Coupon 2013Fresh Step Coupon

Surely with the deals you can find for Fresh Step cat litter, why would you settle for anything else?

A majority of Fresh Step coupons have this mantra – it’s either you get a $1 discount, or  you get the product for free.

For instance, there is a $1 coupon to cat litter and a coupon to get you free cat litter. Use your $1 coupons once the freebie coupons run out.

Fresh Step Coupons 2013 also helps you save the environment

Why go gaga looking for Fresh Step coupons to use when they are under your nose? You can browse through this website for coupons so you will never have to pay full price for kitty litter again.

You can also visit the Fresh Step website to know more about promos and coupons. You can sign up for notifications by navigating over to the upper right hand corner of the screen and clicking on “Sign Up”. Be sure to tick on the checkbox to receive special offers from Fresh Step.

Lastly, you can follow Fresh Step on YouTube, Facebook or Twitter.

Fresh Step Discount Codes 2013 makes sure Button doesn’t do number two on a pile of shredded newspapers

We have nothing against shredded newspapers in fact, they can serve as kitty litters – just not good kitty litters. Why use newspapers when you can save $1 when buying one Fresh Step cat litter? There are other, more practical uses for your newspaper.

If your kitty litter needs some extra strength boost, consider purchasing the Triple Action Litter from Fresh Step where you c an save $1.

Better yet, get freebie coupons only from Fresh Step: a $10 Fresh Step Coupon to purchase all the Fresh Step products you want, or a free scoopable kitty litter (14 lb) which has a $11.99 value.

Save money on kitty litter with Fresh Step Promo Codes 2013

The amount you save on kitty litters depend on how often and how much kitty litter your feline uses. For instance, with $1 coupons, you will regularly save around $12 a year per cat. So if you have 2 cats, you get to save around $24 a year.

As for freebie coupons, the savings are astounding. With the $10 coupon, cat owners can easily save $120 a year per cat. If you own 2 cats, you can save around $240. Imagine how much savings an old cat lady has!

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