CoverGirl Coupons October 2013 – Makeup For Less

Cover Girl is one of the first cosmetics every American teen has laid their hands on. Who can forget their first Cover Girl blush, lipstick or eye shadow?

These affordable beauty products have made their way to every girl’s make up kit.

With CoverGirl Coupons, more women (and some men) can now buy their favorite cosmetics brand at a discount.

Looking Easy, Breezy, Beautiful From Now With CoverGirl Coupons

CoverGirl Coupons Coupon discounts range from $1 to $4 and applies to different items such as lipsticks, eye products and nail polish.

Some of them are for specific brands which are relatively new and are presented to the public with a discount, which also makes it handy as a flyer. The Lashblast mascara is a perfect example.

No matter which coupon is used, you are bound to save a few bucks.

I want my CoverGirl Coupons – How to get them every month?

These coupons are easily found on this website on our Weekly Saving List or also another option is to grab a pair of scissors as most CoverGirl coupons appear in most fashion and women’s magazines.

Browse through the Sunday paper and check out those telltale deals at the corner of the page. It won’t hurt to check out last month’s magazine subscriptions for coupons – most coupons are valid for 2 to 3 months from time of printing.

Check out grocery and drugstore catalogues for coupons, too. When online, visit the Cover Girl website for the latest deals in cosmetics and facial care. Better yet, login to Facebook and “Like” Cover Girl.

Search for “Beauty Buys” to get updates on coupons and hottest deals.

Discovering the different saving percent when using CoverGirl Coupons

Cover Girl is the hottest thing since the invention of tamales (and after people kept dropping them) and the coupons are prime commodity.

But never fear, CoverGirl coupons abound and there is more for everyone, such as the $2 off for the Cover Girl Lashblast Mascara.

For the fans of raccoon eyes, there is a $4 discount when buying 2 eye products. Meanwhile, pucker enthusiasts will be lucky to have $2 off for the Ourlast Lipcolor, Smooth Wear or Double Lipshine.

Others can get to enjoy $3 discount for any 2 Cover Girl products, or $1 off for one product. For jazzier claws, take advantage of the free Glosstini nail polish with a purchase of 2 Cover girl LashBlast mascaras.

CoverGirl Promo Codes says you can save a few bucks while looking fabulous

Some people think that others should not be splurging much on cosmetics. Cover Girl thinks so, too. This is one reason why they made their products very affordable and have driven the cost down further with its introduction of coupons.

A smart customer can save as much as $54 to $80 a year when buying Cover Girl cosmetics using $1 and $2 coupons. Meanwhile $4 coupons meant more savings, especially when the items happen to be eye care products which have very long shelf life (except for mascaras).

So before splurging on this seasons cosmetic colors, check out which coupon you can use for big savings.

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