APMEX Promo Codes October 2013 – Invest In Metals Deals

American Precious Metals Exchange (APMEX) is a trusted leader for buying and selling precious metals.

Investing in natural commodities is a way to safeguard your hard earned money instead of relying on a highly volatile and unpredictable stock market.

Use APMEX promo codes to purchase gold, silver and platinum nuggets at a fraction of the retail price.

Give a gift which grows in value over time with APMEX Promo Codes

APMEX Promo CodeBefore investing in precious metals, it is always a good idea to arm yourself with knowledge about APMEX promo codes.

One of the import promo code you can come across is a $10 discount, provided that you are buying 50 pieces or more.

Another important promo is the clearance sale deal. You can get spectacular discounts on some precious items when you have perfectly timed your buying.

Of course, it is also important not having to pay for shipping – have your investments shipped directly to a secure storage facility.

APMEX Promo Codes makes sure you have a secure future

When it comes to investing on precious metals, the best way to do it is to buy them online and have promo codes ready. It may be quite labor intensive to scour the vast internet in search of promo codes, so the best way to go about it is to check out our APMEX promo codes section created for our readers and start saving on every transaction they do with APMEX.

Another very nice way to get coupons is by sign up for email notifications. Receive special offers, exclusive discounts and, of course, promo codes. With email updates, you can keep abreast of breaking news on the precious metals market as well as free market alerts (just in case the country runs out of gold, you will be the first to know).

Have a token which will stand the test of time with APMEX Special Codes

Beauty fades but not if it is made out of Gold, Silver or Platinum. Know what it feels like to be Uncle Scrooge and have your very own gold bar – get $10 off when you purchase 50 or more 1 oz Credit Suisse Gold Bar (.9999 fine in Assay).

So now that you bought your first gold bar are you going to walk around with it in your pocket? Avail of free (and secure) shipping on purchases of $500 or more. Your precious gold bars will be shipped to a private storage which is a high security facility managed by Brinks.

Yes, APMEX sometimes would have to clear its inventory. When this happens, take advantage of clearance sales and get 30% discounts on selected items.

APMEX Coupons lets you watch your savings grow

Precious metals follow the golden rule in trade – buy in bulk to get better savings. A $10 APMEX promo code may go unnoticed when you purchase one bar, coin or nugget, but when you start buying 50 pieces or more – the savings increase to a colossal $500 at a minimum.

Jump on the opportunity when APMEX announces a clearance sale. A 30% discount is particularly useful when buying gold mints – it can instantly save you $390. Regularly investing during clearance sales can easily save you over $1500 – money you can invest on more precious metals!

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